Hello, my name is Gulmira and I am the founder and the owner of RoseMeera. I am in my early twenties and a new mama to my precious daughter Malika. My goal is to empower and inspire other women to live the life they love and to always be the best version of themselves.

As a young girl, I have always struggled with my identity, style and where I belong. As the new trends came along and what other girls my age were wearing, I tried to fit in and I lost myself in the process. I was not being myself, lacked confidence and self honesty by trying to become someone I am not.

I launched my brand RoseMeera to spread the message of self love, being true to yourself, and being one of a kind. Because one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Be the best version of yourself for yourself. No matter what you wear, embrace your style, follow your heart and always be kind to yourself and others. We have handpicked each item in our store with a goal to make you feel confident and beautiful as you are on the inside.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and have a pleasant shopping experience and leave inspired.



July 15, 2020 — Gulmira Fozilova

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