Message from our founder

Our Mission

"RoseMeera is launched to spread the message of self love, being true and best version of yourself. We have handpicked each item in our store from around the world, with a goal to make you feel confident and beautiful as you are on the inside. I hope you enjoy your visit here, have a pleasant shopping experience and leave inspired."

Sincerely, Gulmira!


Explore our recently launched page, where you will discover inspirations on how to tastefully style the exquisite items offered by RoseMeera.

The Art of Gifting

Our Signature Gift Boxes and Sustainable Packaging

At RoseMeera, we believe that the joy of gift-giving lies not only in the thoughtful gesture but also in the presentation. That's why we take pride in offering an exquisite range of packaging options to make your gifts truly memorable. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone you love. We offer you to explore our two distinct types of packaging: our luxurious Signature Gift Boxes and our eco-conscious Sustainable Packaging.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I love your packaging. Everything is so high quality and beautiful. It also smells amazing."
— Erica
Customer reviews
"I won the butterfly necklace in a giveaway and I LOVE it!!"
— Aziza
Customer reviews
"This ring is everything! Got so many compliments on the ring. I'm honestly obsessed with every single item!"
— foreignb
Customer reviews
"So cute and comfortable"
— Bahora
Customer reviews
"Raxmat kottakon sovg'ez manga judayam kop yoqti. Yana bir bor raxmat"
— Maftuna
Customer reviews
"BRB going to live in this sweatshirt for rest of winter"
— Zarmina
Customer reviews
"I received my order today and I am in love with it. Mashallah koraton nagz shavad. Keep it up."
— Abdukhalimova
Customer reviews
"It's elegant and high quality, I love it."
— Azimjanovna
Customer reviews
"I love my cherry dress!"
— Malika
Customer reviews
"So cute"
— Sandy